Although it’s not ideal to have to cope with two children that each have multiple anaphylactic food allergies there are actually lots of positives that come out of this challenging medical situation.

For one, my boys are both amazing eaters with a huge palate. They enjoy many foods that most kids won’t touch with a ten foot pole.  We experienced this to the fullest when we traveled to New York City for Thanksgiving 2 years ago and dined in wonderful accommodating restaurants with our boys!

Although both my husband and I joke that we each enjoyed ordering escargot when out for dinner with our parents only at the tender age of 6! I kid you not! I’m sure there is a genetic component to our boys eating foods like kale, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes right out of the garden, squash, mules and frites- muscles for those not in tune with the delicacies of shellfish. They love clams, Alaskan King crab legs, shrimp prepared every which way, even cold shrimp cocktail, salmon, whitefish, steak, venison which we have a freezer full of since we are sustainable hunters, duck, rack of lamb, trout, pork, veal, perch, sole, and my oldest’s favorite all time fish is grouper! This list probably goes on and on.

You may be asking yourself yeah so what is her point? My point is that my children’s food allergies HAVE NOT kept them from enjoying the delicacies and diverse food options available to them! Thankfully they don’t just eat hot dogs and Mac and Cheese. And not meaning to toot my own horn thankfully they have a mom who  loves to cook!

From  day #1 when my boys could eat solid foods they ate what my husband and I were eating for dinner.  No separate meals for the kids in our family! I don’t have the time, nor the energy to prepare two separate meals daily.  As a mother and passionate cook it gives me great pleasure to try new things in the kitchen knowing that my children will most likely enjoy what I have prepared…even if it’s a little “off the wall.”

All we can do as parents is protect our children from harm and teach our children to grow up as outstanding citizens. And hopefully to enjoy their veggies along the way!


Below is a picture of the Fruti de Mari with fresh organic garden heirloom tomatoes and mules I made last night for dinner. My boys devoured dinner and each asked for second helpings.


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