A close friend of mine who lives across the country and  has a son with multiple Anaphylactic food allergies (dairy, egg, nuts) recently texted me on the fly. She texted me that her son was at a Subway chain restaurant with a friend of his and asked me if I had any experience with my children eating at Subway in the past??? I was tickled to death that my friend reached out to me as she recently told me that I was her new “food allergy expert”…quite a stretch but I’ll run with it. LOL!!

I quickly texted her back & responded that I have extensively researched the online Subway ingredient menu in the past & we have had much success eating there “on the fly.” I recommended she text her son to communicate to the sandwich maker to state:

(1) I have dairy and nut allergies so please put on new gloves before you make my sandwich;

(2) I recommended that he order either an Italian sub bun or Whole wheat;

(3) Ask the sand which artist to please put down a few extra pieces of paper on top of the cutting board to create a “safe” barrier;

(4) Request the sand which artist use a “clean” knife to cut his sandwich.

(5) My boys usually add lettuce, pickles, black olives, etc…sky’s the limit on the veggies as the veggie artist typically does not touch the cheese but please verify!

(5) Usually the safe condiments include mustard & honey mustard but please always check ingredients. If we plan on going to Subway in advance I will bring my own vegan mayo (we prefer Just Mayo) & Daiya vegan cheese!!

Ta Da & there you have it- a healthy subway sandwich that your kiddos can enjoy! I love to suprise my boys with a Subway sandwich at school for lunch! It’s healthy & a nice change!!!!