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Labor Day Weekend Detroit Tigers Game with Our Food Allergic Boys = AMAZING TIME!

comerica park

My husband and I recently enjoyed a hot Sunday afternoon at Comerica Park in Detroit with our two food allergic boys.  This is the second time we have taken our boys to a Major League baseball game and I have to say kudos to Comerica- our experience could not have been any better!

Prior to arriving at the ball park we met several family members for a “Family Fun Day Sunday” at Punch Bowl Social in downtown Detroit on Broadway Street.  The staff was extremely helpful and our server took our 3 x 5 pink Restaurant Food Allergy Card back to the chef to ask for dairy, nut, and egg free menu recommendations.  My boys happily settled on the sweet BBQ and cilantro chicken wings and washed it down with a delicious root beer.  Not very healthy but hey– it was game day and a special occasion!  They loved it!   Plus Punch Bowl has several bowling lanes, an arcade, and shuffle board…a paradise for both parents and children for a pre-game with the family!

After meeting up with all of our family at Punch Bowl we then walked to the ball park which was only a few short blocks away.

In the past I have carried in a soft 12″ x 12″ inch cooler filled to the brim with safe snacks for our boys to enjoy during the game in addition to the 4 Auvi-Q epinephrine pens, Benadryl and asthma inhaler.  Last Saturday however I only packed a few snacks in my purse (Auv-Q’s  of course) and my boys were able to enjoy multiple food/drink items at the park.  Upon entering Comerica in the 85+ degree heat we bought Minute Maid Frozen Lemonades for the boys and a few waters.  Not to mention the multiple souvenirs (ie. water squirt fans to keep the kids cool, stuffed animals, new baseball hats, and jerseys of course).

Unfortunately, the Tigers were not winning and at one point during the game I ventured to the Big Cat Food Court area where the merry-go-round is located.  My husband stayed back in the seats with the boys.  The Hot Dog Vendor Sidekick did not have a line at all and I decided to venture up to the counter.  After noticing they sold hot dogs, I politely asked one of the employees if he could possibly grab the box of hot dogs and buns from the walk-in cooler in order for me to read the ingredients list.  He also mentioned that out of the two different types of Ballpark hot dogs they sold one brand had casein in them.  Once he brought me the box of dogs without the casein I re-read the ingredients at least 3 times after realizing they were COMPLETELY safe for my boys to eat.  Additionally, the bun brand they carried was safe as well!  My eyes literally started welting up and tears started to trickle out of the corners of my eyes underneath my sunglasses.  Why did I start to tear up you may ask yourself?  Well, it’s actually quite simple…this is the first time my two little boys would be able to enjoy a hot dog at a Ball Game!  A quintessential moment enjoyed by most Americans during their lifetime!

When I returned to the our seating section my husband and kids were standing near the entrance to our seats with my brother and sister-in-law and nephew.  I handed the boys their hot dogs and told them they were SAFE and they proceeded to devour each dog!  My husband and I were ecstatic!  It was a very memorable moment that will stick with us for a long time to come.

Our Sunday Fun Day at Comerica proved to be an amazing experience with our boys and extended family!  We will definitely be back with the boys and hopefully next time the Tigers will have a WIN!  Thank you to our family and Comerica for a amazing fun filled day at the ball park!

Vegan Whipped Cream Finally a 1st for our Boys & Boy is it So Delicious!

I was visiting Ann Arbor, Michigan yesterday during a quick overnight trip downstate. One of my favorite things to do when in the “big city” (which thankfully I’m able to do about once a month) is to go shopping at Whole Foods.  I  love looking for for new allergen- friendly food products that may not be carried or yet introduced into our local organic co-op that I love and support.  I’ve been very skeptical of the Whipped toppings that are vegan and on the market due to lack of positive reviews, not to mention taste.

I purchased So Delicious’ Whipped Coco Topping yesterday and brought it home for a family taste test. Our boys dipped fresh strawberries into the whipped topping and it was oh SO DELICIOUS!

Mind you this was the first time EVER that my children have had anything even remotely close to Whipped Cream and it definitely fit the bill! They loved it and I completely endorse this product for fluffiness, flavor, just the right amount of added sweetness and it’s going to be a crowd pleaser in our dairy, nut and egg free home!

Thank you So Delicious Coco Whip for giving us yet another amazing allergen- friendly

 product that every kid should be able to dip freshly picked strawberries into during the summer months and so much more!

Egg, Dairy and Nut Free Halloween Candy List

Now that it’s October my children are literally counting down the days till Halloween.  I thought it would be helpful to list several of the Halloween candy brands that are EGG, DAIRY & NUT-FREE.   Please remember to ALWAYS double check each ingredient list as ingredients may change.  This list should be used as a guide only.  These include:

Smarties, Starburst Fruit Chews, Starburst Candy Corn, Air Heads, Skittles, Dum Dums, Dum Dums with Jelly Bean Centers, Yummy Earth Natural Candies- most products, Dots, Ring Pops, Amanda’s Own Confections Chocolates & Candy, Twizlers, Surf Sweets Organic Gummies, Glee Gum, Divvies Chocolates & Candy, Enjoy Life Foods Products/Candy Bars, Pez, Swedish Fish, Laffy Taffy- most products, & some Wonka candy products.