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As a parent of 2 anaphylactic children with multiple food allergies I have unfortunately experienced both of my boys going into anaphylactic shock a total of 3 times combined and have administered epinephrine 2 times as well.  Our doctor at U of M has made it very clear, which is also outlined on my boy’s “Emergency Action Plans,” to use the epinephrine auto injector if either child has “ingested an allergen and is exhibiting any symptoms.”  Especially for my youngest child who is also asthmatic.  I’m a firm believer that it’s better to “air on the side of caution” and use the Epi-pen and prevent the anaphylactic reaction from becoming fatal….so scary nonetheless!

There was a segment on Fox & Friends this morning about this CA student who shared his lunch with another student.  He received detention for “sharing” his lunch b/c school policy has a “no food sharing” policy to protect other students that have food allergies.  My son’s school has the same policy to prevent accidental exposure.  This type of policy is seen more and more throughout our U.S. schools.  I fully support this.  Controversial?

My fellow food allergy friends: We finally have a “link between food allergies and pesticides in our food supply.”  Albeit a small link but this is forward progress for researchers moving forward to better help us understand food allergies and the causes.  I’m sure there is still much research to be done but I have been saying for years that food allergies cannot just exist as a result of “one’s genetics” per se.   I have always believed there was something in our food supply whether pesticides, antibiotics, GMO’s, etc. that have contributed to the massive influx of food allergies in the U.S. within the last 10 years.  Please take a look…very interesting article