EAST LANSING, MI - SEPTEMBER 15: General view of Spartan Stadium Stadium during a game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan State Spartans on September 15, 2012 in East Lansing, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The Thanksgiving holiday in America is a time where many Americans enjoy one of our favorite national past times- FOOTBALL!   People either go to college football games or cheer from the sidelines at home.  I figured this week was a great time to post about our recent experience of taking our boys to their first Michigan State University home football game.  My husband and I have been excited for years to take our boys to a game since we both attended MSU.  This year since our boys were finally old enough to sit through an entire game.

The kickoff time for the football game was at 3:30pm so it was imperative that we fed the boys well before going into the stadium.  We tailgated with family members and the boys munched on Subway sandwiches that I ordered for our tailgate.  When I called to place the Subway order the night before I specified they were for children with multiple food allergies to dairy, nuts, and eggs.  The manager of one of the East Lansing Subway stores (on Saginaw Rd. & Abbott) was amazing and told me that she would personally make our party sub tray first thing in the morning before anything else was made.  She assured me that she would use clean utensils and she was properly trained on cross-contamination.  This really eased my mind.

Back to the football game…there was not a whole lot of pre-game homework I had to do to ensure the boys would be safe during the game.  However, you cannot take in a purse or bag into the stadium, in which case my husband and I each carried 2 Epi-pens each in our coat pockets and my son’s inhaler.  We were all set.

We were fortunate enough to be able to take the boys onto the football field prior to the start of the game.  The boys thought it was so cool to be standing feet away from the huge MSU football players and coaching staff.  Taylor and Christopher were in their glory to say the least!

During various breaks throughout the football game our boys were able to eat Subway sandwiches once again that were safe.  Additionally, there were a few varieties of chips they could have at one of the vendor’s.  During one part of the game, when it down poured for 15 minutes, we took shelter and the boys each had soft pretzels which were a “safe” brand they have eaten in the past.  My husband and I were thrilled and the boys were happy!

The boys were not only able to eat safely during the game but they lasted the entire football game, they sang during every MSU chant and fight song, and HAD A BLAST!  I think it was also most helpful that we were sitting next to my brother and sister-in-law and my nephew who is 10 sat next to the boys as well!  What a great game and Michigan State University beat Indiana!

We’ll definitely take the boys back to Spartan Stadium for future MSU games!  GO GREEN!  GO WHITE!



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  1. It was a great game ~ thank goodness for the Subway manager. Looking forward to more games and tailgates with you all.

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