Last week I posted the voluntary recall of Auvi-Q’s and now the recall has expanded to include ALL auto injectors on the market. 0.15mg and 0.3mg.  The lot numbers included in the updated recall have expanded quite a lot!  This means the Auvi-Q’s I left at my children’s school that were deemed to be safe under the original recall last week now need to be removed!  Now I’m definitely not sure how I’m going to quickly replace the 6 sets of 2 packs at my children’s school.  I’m open to ideas from any followers if you have any recommendations on how to quickly refill the Epi-Pen Junior 2 packs???

I’m headed out the door to stop at all of the pharmacies and see how they can help me.  I still have not received any type of response from my emails or voice messages to Sanofi from last week.  Still never received a phone call from Walgreens where I filled 12+ Auvi-Q scripts last year about the recall!  Can you believe this?

This is straight from the Auvi-Q website:

“Sanofi US is voluntarily recalling all Auvi‑Q® (epinephrine injection, USP). The recall involves all Auvi‑Q currently on the market and includes both the 0.15 mg and 0.3 mg strengths for hospitals, retailers and consumers. This includes lot numbers 2081278 through 3037230, which expire October 2015 through December 2016. The products have been found to potentially have inaccurate dosage delivery, which may include failure to deliver drug.”

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  1. Thank you for posting this! My brother uses Auvi-Q but I’ve always used Epi Pen. His were indeed part of the original recall. We live in Toronto and he just called Shoppers Drug Mart to let them know, and they had a replacement ready and waiting for him immediately. I’m not sure where you guys live (if you’re not Canadian, Shoppers DM is like our Walgreens) but our pharmacists have been very supportive. Best of luck!

    • You are welcome! It is disheartening that I was notified via email from Mylan who manufacturers the Epi-pen about the updated recall of Auvi-Q to include all Auvi-Q injectors on the market and not Auvi-Q. I receive emails from Auvi-Q periodically, and I’m upset they have sent me no notifications whatsoever about the recall over the last 6 days! Unfortunately, our local pharmacy here in Northern Michigan, which is a Walgreens, did not notify me at all either. I even told them last Thursday evening of the recall and they did not call to tell me yesterday or today that the recall now extends to ALL Auvi-Q’s on the market! Frustrating but thankfully the allergy community is small and I was able to find out this new information on my own. Still disheartening nonetheless.

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