Although I am extremely passionate about cooking & baking from scratch, we have been on the go much throughout this summer. Above is a picture of several items that are a staple in my pantry, freezer & refrigerator available at the Aldi’s in Petoskey and most likely their locations nationwide.  The prices for their “Live GFree” product line are much more reasonable (actually more than 50% less) than their mainstream counterpart brands Enjoy Life & Glutino. These products are all free of the following: dairy, eggs, nuts, gluten, soy & wheat & they taste great!

Many of the specialty dairy, nut & egg free items that are staples in our house are very expensive as I’m sure many of my followers can agree. It’s nice to find comparable items at a much lower cost allowing me to spend the majority of my grocery budget on local organic fresh fruits & vegetables.

Additionally Aldi’s has a Fresh commitment per their summer catalog to be “dedicated their customer’s well-being by to offering foods without certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils & MSG from their exclusive-brand food products in 2015.”


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